Health Coaching is more than a weight-loss program, it is an EXPERIENCE that will CHANGE your Lifestyle. 
See what Clients are saying about the impact our program had on their life.

Ft Lauderdale, Florida

July 2021

Before coaching with Coach Zona, I struggled with discipline. I always began my steppingstones for goal completions but through the process I would either give up or just forget about it. Coach Zona has taught me that it is ok to have downfalls. Once you can get over that hump of mistakes, tomorrow is always a new chance for a start over.
What I love most about coaching with Coach Z is I was able to dig deep into my soul during our weekly sessions and express how I really feel without judgement. I loved the fact I was able to acknowledge when I had challenges and Coach Zona would help me get through it. The most important part for me was having someone by my side through it all.

Georgia Edwards Brooklyn, NY

February 2022

Before Coach Zona I struggled with no direction in my life. I carried the weight, took care of everyone and put myself after. I did not know how to say NO. I ate late-nights, I had no energy, I was not living, I just existed. I ate whenever I felt like eating even when I was full. I was not motivated.
Then Coach Z taught me how to put my self first. She taught me how to regain my self confidence. I can do anything I put my mind to. She helped me to discover my self. She taught me to declutter and not to carry all the loads I was carrying.
The 3 most significant results I've experienced from coaching with Coach Zona are, 1. how to chew slower 2. portion control and 3. anything I put my mind to I can do it.
What I loved most about coaching with Coach Zona is that she touch every area of my life it’s not just losing weight. She touched my mind, body and soul. She touched area in my life that I didn’t even know still existed.


June 2022

Before coaching with Coach Zona, I struggled with...using simple strategies to prioritize my health and feeling guilty when I would get off track. Then Coach Z taught me that…being mindful, positive, intentional and consistent are key to establishing habits that lead to a healthy lifestyle.
The 3 most significant results I've experienced from coaching with Coach Zona are: 1. The importance of putting myself first 2. Understanding and honoring the power of the mind-body connection. 3. Celebrate and build on every achievement and step forward.
What I loved most about coaching with Coach Zona is she holds me accountable while also being passionate and supportive. What she displays is beyond a skillset - she is a truly authentic and gifted coach. She is always prepared and it is evident that she took time to understand me and my journey. I always look forward to my sessions with Coach Z!


September 2021

Before coaching with Coach Zona, I was challenged in staying the same weight for over 20 years, then she taught me so many new ways to change by taking small action steps. For example; Who am I when I eat? If I’m stressed then my body is not in the body burning fat mode, it does quite the opposite, it will store the excess...Today I move more because I love what I do and I’m much healthier. By having a coach to guide me through the path of change has been a game changer. Now when I have a challenge in any area of my life, I know the value of working with a coach who can help teach me how to seek out my desires in life, create new habits and behaviors.
What I most love about my coach, Zona is how she made me feel each week. A strong lady with endless compassion, passion and dedication while coaching me. She has given me the confidence to believe in myself because she believes in me. Her honesty, each week she has taught me how to become the best I can be. Best of all she was there with me each step of the way, cheering me on and creating a safe space to talk. Plus we had a lot of fun! Priceless!

Hollywood, Florida

July 2022

Before coaching with Coach Zona, I struggled with things pertaining but not limited to not eating correctly, eating larger than the required amounts of food, and eating at incorrect times. I was also the type of person that wasn't really in tune with my body as I should be. 
Then Coach Z taught me that eating healthy is a great inspiration to not only myself but others as well. Things like better grocery shopping for my household, understanding eating is more of a lifestyle, and following that can help extend your lifetime.
The 3 most significant results I've experienced from coaching with Coach Zona are: Being able to be more in tune with my mind, body, and spirit.
What I loved most about coaching with Coach Zona is being able to learn more about my health and body. I also loved how she was able to tap into my issues with alcohol consumption, and mental health which helped me to learn to cope better with childhood trauma that I have experienced in the past. I'd most definitely recommend Coach Z and her services without a doubt. She is a magnificent person that change lives. Thank you for everything Coach Z!

Pembroke Pines, Florida

June 2022

Coach Z !!!! 12 week Best Mind & Body Transformation program!! Wow!!! What a wonderful experience!!
Coach Z was instrumental in guiding, assisting and provided me life tools also to look at situations in a more positive perspective. Learning the importance use of particular vocabulary which can have an affect on our lives instead using more positive words than negative.
She laid out what I needed to do for short and long term goals kept me focus and refocus on my personal goals though I had to be diligent and persistent in achieving my goals.
This has truly been an wonderful experience I would encourage women to take this 12 week inspiring journey. I definitely enjoyed this process with Coach Z She was awesome & amazing..!!!